Autodesk ReMake

Autodesk Memento becomes Autodesk ReMake and has formally graduated to a commercial Autodesk product!

Autodesk ReMake turns reality data into hi-resolution 3D meshes for design & engineering workflows and so much more. It has been a long journey to this point and many new features and great feedback along the way from Memento users.

Read the message from the product manager and Mother of Memento Tatjana Dzambazova.
Memento graduates to Autodesk ReMake!

Wooly Mammoth Skull 3D Textured Mesh Model in Autodesk ReMake
Mammoth skull was being worked on by Fossilogics founder Brock Sisson when I captured it using photographs and then generated the textured 3D model..

Comparison of Autodesk ReMake Free versus Pro


For general product inquiries

There is a 15 day trial available from Windows version is available now with Mac version on the way.

Today in Autodesk ReMake I edited a model and created a quick video from a 3D textured model generated from photos taken last week with a UAS/drone in the hot windy Trona Pinnacles near Death Valley California.


Short video created by Autodesk ReMake of the model. Download Trona1aerial-720p-bk (330MB)

I also published some of my models to the Autodesk Online Gallery.

Autodesk ReMake will continually evolve as it has through preview and beta but now as an official product. Congratulations and thank you to all Memento users and the Memento Team!